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Your Initial Evaluation

Expect a full past medical history and injury review

Comprehensive biomechanical and neuromuscular assessment

Education about your findings

An individualized plan focused on your specific needs

Instruction in a home exercise program, posture, ergonomics,  and self management techniques


Treatments may include:

Myofascial Release                                                             Trigger Point Release

Joint Mobilization                                                                    Spinal Realignment

  Myokinesthetic Treatment                                                           Range of Motion

Strain/Counterstrain                                                                             Stretching

Indivdualized Education and Strengthening

Do You Know?
Treatment can be rendered by a Licensed PT without a prescription or a referral for 10 visits or 30 days, whichever comes first.​  
research has shown that quicker response to injury creates faster rates of healing.
 call us at 845-853-9305 to schedule an appointment .

 rate for treatment sessions (adjusted 9/1/23):
one hour individualized evaluation: $150
45 minute follow up treatment:  $100
(most follow up sessions)  
  30 minute follow up treatment: $80

As health insurance continues to change and force pt clinics to see 3-5 patients hourly, many treatments of these clinics focus on hot packs and exercise with minimal time spent with the pt.   This is on top of the $60+ copays, high deductible plans, and patients having limited or no pt benefits.   each patient at manual pt of ulster receives one-on-one attention focusing on manual techniques and therapeutic exercise which will help speed up the healing process and create fewer needed treatments.  

we DO provide receipts for filing self-claims if preferred.    make sure to call your insurance company to find out your 'out of network' benefits or follow below to insurance benefits worksheet.


"Christy Keegan is the best of the best!  She works with both her heart and her mind, applying her impressive knowledge of medical science with her deeply intuitive hands, viewing her patients holistically, treating with a hands-on approach.  i have worked side by side with christy for nearly a decade and give her the highest recommendation."

-Maureen Brady, PT

"after years of a drug-based approach to migraines, pt work with christy has enabled me to stop all but limited use of medications and respond to migraines with pt and targeted exercises.  this is huge for me."

-anne canzonetti, bard college

"christy is a highly-skilled and innovative practitioner.  she employs hands-on techniques that are reinforced by her positive, compassionate attitude.  Can't recommend her enough!" 

- Linda Jorgensen, IBM

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