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"As someone who owns a tennis club and is now in his mid-50s, christy keegan has become a very important person in my life!  Through shoulder, wrist, back, and neck injuries, Christy has relieved my pain using a hands on approach to healing.  Her knowledge, experience, and empathy has kept me on the courts without any need for operations or drugs.  I am very grateful that this gifted physical therapist works in the hudson valley."

-Matt canzonetti, owner, hudson valley indoor tennis

"after years of a drug-based approach to migraines, pt work with christy has enabled me to stop all but limited use of medications and respond to migraines with pt and targeted exercises.  this is huge for me."

-anne canzonetti, bard college

"Christy Keegan is the best of the best!  She works with both her heart and her mind, applying her impressive knowledge of medical science with her deeply intuitive hands, viewing her patients holistically, treating with a hands-on approach.  i have worked side by side with christy for nearly a decade and give her the highest recommendation."

-Maureen Brady, PT

"christy is an amazing healer, full of light and love.  she has worked miracles, on my back and neck, helping to get me through several serious crises.  she has an intuitive and intellectual understanding of physiology, knows exactly what is wrong and how to fix it, what exercises to suggest, etc.  i trust her completely, and am guessing there is no better physical therapist anywhere on the planet!"

-Marilyn Crispell, musician

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